Calgary’s trusted windshield repair technicians

Did a rock suddenly fly out of nowhere creating a small hole in your windshield? Are you worried that the damage could get even worse? You are correct, rock chips and small holes can lead to replacing your entire windshield. Come to 5 Star Auto Glass to get the issue fixed with precision so you can get back on the road in no time. Don’t wait for the chip to become a crack across your entire line of vision.

We know exactly what to look for when inspecting your vehicle’s windshield. Our technicians check for things you might not even be aware of, making sure your vehicle’s windshield is roadworthy. Our experience allows us to identify any other minor chips you might not have noticed, and we will let you know when and why it needs repairing.

You want to trust your vehicle’s windshield will protect you from road hazards so make sure you get those chips taken care of right away.

For all rock chip and crack repairs we provide convenient walk in service with no appointment necessary.

We will need to inspect the damage once you come in before we repair it. We provide the highest quality service and make sure that rock chips and cracks are repaired to the best of our ability ensuring your 100% satisfaction! Repairs are done in-shop only.

Rock Chip & Crack Repair Prices

Rock chip: $25.00 each
Crack repair: $50.00 + up

Windshield Repair FAQs

When do you need to repair your vehicle’s windshield?

Generally speaking, you can repair your vehicle’s windshield chip if the damage is less than 1-inch in diameter. A crack repair can be repaired as well if the damage is less than 8 inches. It would be best to bring your vehicle to our shop to have a glass technician inspect it before repairing.

How long does it take to repair the scratched glass of a vehicle?

We can typically complete a simple repair within 20-30 minutes.

How many repairs can I make on one vehicle's windshield?

As many as possible.

What is the average price to repair a vehicle chipped windshield?

We charge $25 for rock chip repairs and $50 and up for crack repairs.