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Trusted Windshield Repair in Calgary

Our expert windshield repair technicians can repair minor cracks, holes, and chips in your windshield with precision. Don’t let windshield damage impair your visibility or compromise your entire windshield; trust our team to get you driving safely in no time.

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Your Calgary Windshield Repair Pros

A chipped windshield can quickly get out of hand, growing into a larger crack that requires a full windshield replacement. To ensure your safety and the safety of your vehicle, our technicians conduct a full inspection of your windshield at every repair appointment, checking for additional chips and vulnerabilities that could result in cracks or other severe damage.

How Windshield Repair Works

While larger cracks and windshield damages may require a windshield replacement, a simple chip or small crack can be repaired by injecting resin into the damaged area and heating it up. As it’s heated, the resin hardens and expands, filling in chips and cracks in the windshield while strengthening the surrounding area.

Quality Repairs

At 5 Star Auto Glass, we use the highest quality materials and employ trained technicians to provide you with the best windshield repairs in Calgary. When you trust us with your vehicle, you can rest assured that your windshield was repaired correctly and inspected thoroughly for additional defects.

No Appointment Necessary

Have a sudden windshield chip that’s impairing your vision? Have a bit of extra time to deal with that tiny crack that’s been on your windshield just a little too long? Visit 5 Star Auto Glass on your time—no appointment needed!

Of course, if you prefer to avoid a wait, we’re happy to schedule you an appointment – simply contact us online or by phone and we’ll book you in.

Trust Your Windshield to 5 Star Auto Glass

Is your vision impaired by a small hole or chip in your windshield? 5 Star Auto Glass can have your windshield repaired and get you back on the road quickly and efficiently.

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Rock Chip & Crack Repair Prices

Rock chip: $25.00 each
Crack repair: $50.00 + up

Windshield Repair FAQs

How quickly do I need to repair cracks, chips, and holes in my windshield?

Small cracks and chips in your windshield can quickly spread, especially in colder weather. It’s best to have these repaired as quickly as possible once you’ve noticed them.

How long does a windshield repair appointment usually take?

In most cases, simple repairs to your windshield can be completed within 20 to 30 minutes.

Can you repair multiple cracks and chips at the same time?

Yes, we can complete as many repairs on your windshield as needed. Our technicians will ensure the integrity of your windshield given the volume of repairs and recommend a replacement only when absolutely necessary.

How much does a windshield repair cost?

5 Star Auto Glass charges $25 for rock chip repairs while crack repairs start at $50.