Car back glass replacement

Car back glass replacement in Calgary

If you’re looking for a rear car window replacement for your vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. 5 Star Auto Glass specializes in repairing and replacing windshields, side windows, side mirrors, and rear windows. Unlike a front windshield made of laminated glass, rear windows are tempered glass that will shatter into tiny chunks of glass instead of shards to prevent injury. This is why they’re often referred to as “safety glass”.

Car back glass replacement is not only necessary when the glass has shattered, however. You’ll need a car back glass replacement if:

  • The glass has a small chip or crack that will continue to spread.
  • Rocks and other debris have shattered the glass.
  • You’re involved in a car accident that has damaged the rear windshield, even if the damage is minor.
  • You notice leaks around the perimeter of the glass, an indicator of a poor seal.

Car back glass replacement in Calgary

A rear windshield is a large piece of glass to cover the back of a vehicle. The rear car window replacement differs from the front windshield because the rear glass has a grid line that dissolves ice and fog. These thin wires run parallel across the windshield, which is essential when replacing the glass. Our technicians have the expertise to install a new rear window properly and test the heat conductors to ensure they work. This is an important step as frost, ice, and fog are common in Calgary.

When you choose 5 Star Auto Glass, we promise to:

  • Deliver car back glass replacement with precision and accuracy
  • Thoroughly clean the interior of your vehicle to remove any shards of glass
  • Maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle
  • Get you safely back on the road as soon as possible

Don’t delay car back glass replacement or repair

Your vehicle’s rear window does more than provide you with a clear view of the road. All auto glass is an essential safety feature, including the windshield, rear window, and side windows. Delaying a replacement or repair poses a safety and security risk, and leaves you vulnerable on the road. Additionally, you risk being fined for driving with a broken car window.

Among the reasons a car back glass replacement is so important include:

  • Safety – The windows and windshield play a crucial role in the structural integrity of your vehicle. Any broken or damaged glass is more susceptible to shattering during a collision, posing a safety risk for you, your passengers, and others on the road. Furthermore, damaged glass obstructs your view and can be distracting.
  • Comfort – A shattered rear back window leaves the inside of your car exposed to the elements, including high winds, rain, hail, snow, and extreme cold. For this reason, a damaged window can also become a health risk and affect the comfort of yourself and your passengers. If your rear back window has shattered, avoid driving your vehicle unless it’s to the auto repair shop. 
  • Protection – Having a shattered back window is an easy invitation for potential car thieves. If any of your vehicle windows are shattered or missing, avoid parking it on the street. It should be securely stored in a garage or even a temporary storage unit until you can get the glass repaired.

Contact 5 Star Auto Glass for car back window replacement

We specialize in auto glass repair and replacement in Calgary. Because our technicians are specifically trained and experienced in auto glass, our services are efficient and straightforward, often much quicker than other auto shops because of our expertise. You can be confident that your auto glass repair or replacement is done correctly and meets strict safety standards.

Your vehicle’s rear windshield is an important safety component that should not be ignored if it needs servicing. Broken auto glass compromises your safety on the road and is a target for car thieves. Most importantly, you want to avoid your rear window shattering while driving.

Call or get an instant quote for reliable and experienced car back window replacement. We service auto glass for all vehicle makes and models.

Car Back Glass Replacement FAQs

How long does it take to replace a back car window?

It usually takes anywhere from 2.0-3.0 hours to complete the replacement.

How much does a car back window replacement cost?

The cost of replacing a car back window varies and depends on the car’s year, make, and modelGet an instant quote from us for your specific vehicle.

Can you stop my car's back glass from leaking?

It depends on the leak. It would be best to brought into our shop to have a glass technician inspect.

Do I have an insurance claim over my car's back window?

Yes, car back window replacements can be covered by insurance and typically fall under comprehensive coverage.