Calgary Windshield Replacement

Here at 5 Star Auto Glass, we offer a low cost, full windshield replacement and repair service. Although we use the same windshield manufacturers as all of our local competitors, we are nearly always the cheapest windshield replacement company in Calgary. Get a quote and try out our claim. We don’t cut corners, we use only the best materials and provide you a full lifetime guarantee on all our work, or for as long as you own the vehicle anyway. See our guarantee page for more information on this.

Having done windshield replacement in Calgary for many years, we have seen some alarming windshield damage so it would be good to know the following:

What you don’t know about windshields could cost you your life!

Recent research indicates that 80% of consumers surveyed had no knowledge of proper windshield installation – and no idea that their lives could be endangered if the windshield installation is not done correctly. The windshield of your car is not just there to protect you from wind, rain and bugs, it provides critical safety functions to ensure your safety.

The windshield actually has three critical life-saving features.

  1. Acts as a backboard for the deployment of airbags. The windshield of your car actually acts as a backboard for the deployment of your airbags. If your windshield pops out or breaks, the airbags will not inflate properly, which could result in injuries that could have been avoided.
  2. Keeps passengers inside the vehicle in the event of an accident. If you are in an accident, the impact can throw passengers from the vehicle. The windshield is an extra safety feature (beyond seatbelts) that can keep passengers from being ejected from the vehicle.
  3. Prevents the roof from caving in if you are in a rollover accident. The windshield of your car provides 60% of strength of the roof. In the event of a rollover accident, the roof is the part of your car that will provide you with significant protection. However, if the windshield fails, the likelihood of the roof caving in is much greater, which can result in significant injury to you and your passengers.

What Can You Do to Ensure That Your Windshield is Installed Right… To avoid these tragic events, be sure you make an educated choice when selecting an auto glass company to replace your windshield.

At 5 Star Auto Glass we will educate you AND give you Excellent customer service!