Car side window replacement

If your side windows have been damaged and need to be replaced, 5 Star Auto Glass is the place for you. We provide quality in-shop service for side window replacement for all vehicles. At 5 Star Auto Glass, our team goes above and beyond to keep our customers happy with exceptional workmanship and service. We can have you back on the road and on your way within two hours of the time you come into the shop. Because your safety is our priority, our trained technicians always see to it that our work is precise and accurate.

Side window replacement in Calgary

If your side window is cracked or damaged, it should never be ignored. In Calgary, where rock chips are common, a broken side window needs to be replaced as soon as possible. A delay can compromise the integrity of your vehicle and your passengers’ safety. The chip or crack will eventually spread and a broken window increases your risk of car theft.

When you bring your car into 5 Star Auto Glass for side window replacement, we help you:

  • Avoid a ticket – Driving with a damaged auto glass that reduces your visibility can lead to a fine. Side window replacement is a quick and straightforward process for our trained technicians. Having your side window fixed will save you from having to pay additional costs for a ticket.
  • Stay safe on the road – Damaged auto glass can affect the structural integrity of your vehicle, which is a big risk to take for the safety of you and your passengers. A simple, minor accident can cause the window to shatter completely, highlighting the importance of having your side window repaired right away.
  • Prevent auto theft – A damaged side window is an invitation for potential thieves to easily break into your car. Even if they only take the contents inside, you are now left to deal with scheduling an emergency side window replacement with a shattered window.

Why 5 Star Auto Glass for side window replacement?

We specialize in repairing and replacing auto glass in Calgary, so you know you’re receiving experienced and knowledgeable service from trained professionals. Our process is thorough:

  • We complete an assessment of the damage
  • The door panel is removed to access the glass
  • We test the window to ensure it functions properly
  • Debris and broken glass is vacuumed and cleaned

If you have an issue with your window motor or regulator, give us a call and we will be happy to fix the problem!