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You can tell if a vehicle has a rain sensor if there is a small window located near the rear-view mirror that can be seen from the outside looking in. There is usually a plastic housing covering the sensor on the inside of the vehicle and can be found around the neck of the rear-view mirror itself.
You can tell if a vehicle has these options if there is a small window, usually triangular shape that you can see from the outside of the vehicle looking into your windshield. It is located where your rear-view mirror is mounted, and you should be able to see a small camera-type lens through the glass.
This can be seen on some windshields which will have what looks like a grid of 3 to 4 lines in the glass to warm the area where the wiper blades rest.
This is a vehicle option that allows the speedometer to be projected on the windshield itself.
This option is like an automatic de-fogging. If there is humidity sensed in the vehicle the climate control will turn on automatically to prevent your windows from fogging up. Typically, it is a “black box” on the passenger side of the rear-view mirror.
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