Sunroof Replacement, Side Door Glass & Side Mirror

All Glass Is Covered Here At 5 Star Auto Glass

Calgary Windshield Replacement

Calgary Windshield Replacement

At 5 Star Auto Glass, we offer full windshield replacement and repair service at a fraction of the price while using the same windshield manufacturers as our local competitors. That means you get quality service at a low cost using only the best materials.

Side View Mirror replacement in Calgary

Side Mirror Replacement

Having your side mirror damaged is a pain, but don’t worry – our team at 5 Star Auto Glass provides specialty service side mirror replacements in Calgary. Your side view mirrors are a small but significant safety component of your car. Without either one, you risk colliding with another object and increase your chances of a car accident.

Car Side Window Replacement in Calgary

Car Side Window Replacement

If your side windows have been damaged and need to be replaced, 5 Star Auto Glass is the place for you. We provide quality in-shop service for side window replacement for all vehicles. At 5 Star Auto Glass, our team goes above and beyond to keep our customers happy with exceptional workmanship and service.

Car Sunroof Glass Replacement in Calgary

Sunroof Glass Replacement

Are you looking for a sunroof replacement in Calgary? You’ve come to the right place! Here at 5 Star Auto Glass, our experienced staff specializes in sunroof replacements and repairs. When your sunroof becomes damaged, not only is it a serious inconvenience, it can also be a safety and security hazard.

Back Window replacement in Calgary

Car Back Glass Replacement

If you’re looking for a rear car window replacement, you’ve come to the right place. 5 Star Auto Glass specializes in repairing and replacing windshields, side windows, side mirrors, and rear windows. Unlike a front windshield made of laminated glass, rear windows are tempered glass that will shatter when broken.

RV Windshield Replacement in Calgary

RV Windshield Replacement

Our expert team at our local shop here in Calgary, specialize in the replacement of your RV/Motorhome windshield. If you have a repairable crack or chip, we’ll can fix that for you too. When replacing an RV windshield, it’s important to make sure the motorhome isn’t exposed to any rain,