6 Common Sunroof Problems (And How to Fix Them)

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6 Common Sunroof Problems (And How to Fix Them)

Sunroofs have a lot to offer, including fresh air, natural light, and an increase in the value of your vehicle. That said, your sunroof is susceptible to damage if it’s not cared for properly and can quickly turn into a nightmare when things go wrong. A sunroof that fails to close can let rain or snow inside, while a damaged sunroof can suddenly shatter while driving, posing a potential threat to you and your passengers. 

At 5 Star Auto Glass, we are your full-service windshield repair shop. And our experienced technicians specialize in sunroof replacements and repairs. So if your vehicle has a sunroof in need of repair, we can help.

But if you’re just searching for general knowledge regarding your sunroof problems, we’ve got you covered on that front too. Here are 4 common sunroof issues and what you can do about them.

1. Sunroof Leaks

If your sunroof is leaking water during or after it rains, there could be a clog in the drain, or the rubber seals may be worn. This issue may require a sunroof replacement if not addressed immediately. The reason is that leaking water can cause other problems within your car’s interior. For example, it can result in:

  • Significant vehicle damage (surfaces warping, rust, corrosion, etc.)
  • Reduction in resale value
  • Deterioration of electronics
  • Fowel odour due to mould and mildew buildup

To avoid these and other problems, it’s important to repair or replace your damaged sunroof as soon as possible

2. Shattered Sunroof

Although sunroof glass is heavy-duty, it’s not indestructible. A cracked or broken sunroof, even if it’s minor, should be fixed right away. Sunroof damage increases the chances of glass shattering while driving. Some of the most common causes of cracked sunroofs are collisions or heavy objects falling onto your car.

You can prevent shattering and the need for a sunroof replacement in several ways:

    • Check your garage: If you’re parking your car in a garage, ensure there’s no overhead storage that will fall on top of your vehicle. This kind of vigilance can go a long way in preventing your sunroof from possible damage.
    • Practice vigilance when parking outside: Be wary of parking under trees or around construction sites on windy days or during storms. 
    • Think twice about high-pressure washes:While they may be convenient, they can also damage your windshield. If you feel it’s necessary to get a thorough cleaning, try to adjust the settings so you’re not overwhelming your sunroof.

Although rare, a sunroof shattering while driving is a possibility. Be sure to periodically look for damage to your sunroof that can be repaired. This process will ensure your safety and help you avoid the need for a full sunroof glass replacement.

3. Electrical Issues

An issue that understandably causes panic among car owners is a sunroof that won’t close. Inoperable sunroofs are usually caused by a dead motor, broken fuse, or faulty switch. Unless you have experience solving such automotive problems, it’s best to get the help of specialists. Otherwise, you run the risk of making the problem worse.

4. Sunroof Rattling While Driving

A common (and annoying) issue is a rattling sunroof as you’re driving. An easy fix is lubricating the sunroof’s moving parts with lightweight, heat-resistant grease. If it continues to rattle, the glass may be out of alignment. As a result, the skills of an auto glass repair shop might be necessary.

5. Cracked or Scratched Glass

Small rocks and weather changes can cause cracked or scratched sunroof glass. While it might not seem like a big deal, scratches and cracks can affect the integrity of the glass, making it more likely that it will break. Furthermore, scratches and cracks damage the tint on your sunroof glass, which is designed to protect it from extreme temperatures.

6. Mechanical Issues

As with electrical problems, mechanical issues such as dirt or debris getting stuck in your sunroof gears, could make it difficult to open and close properly. While you can fix this yourself by removing the glass and cleaning the gears, it’s often best to have a professional technician diagnose and fix the problem to avoid making it worse.

Professional Sunroof Replacements & Repair Services

Your sunroof is an important part of your vehicle’s structure. Although it might seem like a standard feature, it’s not something that you should fix on your own when things goes wrong. It’s important to instead contact experts with the skills and knowledge to adequately provide you with sunroof replacements and autoglass repairs. 

At 5 Star Auto Glass, we’re a team of experienced technicians who can provide you with expert repair needs. 

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