How to fix scratches in auto glass in 8 easy steps?

How to fix scratches in auto glass in 8 easy steps - 5 Star Auto Glass Calgary

How to fix scratches in auto glass in 8 easy steps?

Calgary auto glass replacement and repair is a common service due to so many rock chips from the Alberta roads in the winter. Having a little scratch on your windshield or car window might seem like an easy fix, but depending on the depth of the scratch and what kind it is, three different products can help to either eliminate or reduce its appearance.

The first step in ensuring nothing goes wrong while using any one product from this list is checking how deep the scratch is. If it’s a chip or a crack, always take it in for auto glass repair in Calgary as DIY kits can make the damage worse.

Step 1: Check the depth of the scratch

If you can feel the scratch as you run your fingernail over it -Take care of deeper scratches and cracks by having an auto glass repair facility look at them using professional tools and compounds.

Step 2: Gather your supplies

Assuming your vehicle’s scratches are shallow, you can get all of these tools needed:

  • Auto glass cleaner
  • Soft microfibre cloths
  • Auto glass scratch repair product

Step 3: Prep the glass

Thoroughly clean the scratched area by wiping it down with some glass cleaner and a soft cloth so you can avoid getting fingerprints or any other products on your entire window while fixing just one portion of it. Mark an outline of the scratch with tape or a dry-erase marker.

Step 4: Apply the scratch repair product

Use a cloth rather than directly applying the product with your fingers or any tools that can cause smaller scratches.

Step 5: Clean the glass once more

Now that you have perfected your glass, wipe away any excess products and clean the window. You can then admire a clear reflection without scratches in it.

Enjoy your repaired windshield and be proud of the job! Remember, for any damage that is considered a chip or crack, always turn to a professional.