How To Repair A Broken Side Window

Repair A Broken Side Window - 5 Star Auto Glass

How To Repair A Broken Side Window

Walking out to your car in the morning to find it damaged is a frustrating experience in general. This frustration is only amplified by the realization that the damage includes a broken side window.

Whether the damage was caused by worn, brittle glass being bumped in the wrong spot or an attempted theft, the auto glass experts at 5 Star Auto Glass located in Calgary, Alberta can help you get back safely behind the wheel. Below are a few things to remember the next time you discover glass damage to your vehicle.

Clean and cover: The first steps to take with a broken window

As with any other glass breakage situation, the first step after discovering the damage is to clean up the glass. Begin by using a rag or thick gloves to remove any remaining glass from the window frame and any large pieces found in the cabin of your vehicle.

Next, use a vacuum to suck up any smaller pieces of glass that have fallen into your vehicle to prevent injury to you or your passengers. Once you’ve cleaned up and properly disposed of any remaining glass, you may choose to cover your window with plastic to ensure you’re able to maintain a comfortable temperature within the vehicle while awaiting your repair appointment.

Professional intervention: Getting your side window replaced

Auto glass professionals recommend booking an appointment to have any damage to the glass on your vehicle repaired or replaced as soon as possible. As the windows in your car provide crucial structural support during a collision, delaying the repair of glass damage significantly reduces the safety of your vehicle, putting you and your passengers at risk for severe injury.

Upon arrival at your appointment, an auto glass technician will examine your vehicle and go over the plan to replace the damaged glass with you. Once approved, your vehicle is brought into the shop, the door card is removed so the technician can easily access and remove the remaining glass.

Once removed. a new piece of glass is installed and the door card is reattached. The window is tested to ensure its functioning properly. Before leaving the shop, your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned to ensure any remaining pieces of broken glass have been removed.

Offering lifetime warranty on all windshield repairs or auto glass replacements, the certified technicians and friendly staff at 5 Star Auto Glass are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have. They will book you in for an appointment, and get your vehicle fixed so you can get back on the road.

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