Automotive Safety: The Importance of Windshield Replacement and ADAS Systems

ADAS Systems

Automotive Safety: The Importance of Windshield Replacement and ADAS Systems

Driver safety is among the top concerns for most motorists. And for good reason, the safety of your family, yourself, and other drivers is (to a large extent) in your hands when you’re behind the wheel. As such, the proper precautions are necessary. You can take many preliminary safety steps, but an important—and often overlooked—step is windshield replacement and ADAS calibration (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

At 5 Star Auto Glass, we are a full-service windshield replacement and repair shop. Did you know after each windshield replacement, your ADAS system needs modifying? This process ensures it functions at its optimum. However, you may wonder why these precautions are so important to driver safety.

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Why Windshield Replacement is Essential

Your windshield is crucial to the structural integrity of your vehicle cabin. The windshield safeguards you from pests, insects, and the elements (rain, snow, etc.). Moreover, it serves as your vehicle’s safety barrier should you ever be in a collision. And since most windshield replacements only take 1 to 2 hours, there’s no reason to ignore this essential aspect of automotive safety.
You should replace your windshield if:

  • Both glass layers are punctured
  • A crack passes through your field of vision
  • The damage contacts the fringes of the window
  • Web cracks are beginning to form
  • Damage is on the windshield’s interior

The Importance of ADAS Calibration

An acronym that stands for Advanced Driving Assistance Systems, ADAS is a technological feature developed to improve driver safety. This system uses a human-device interface that enhances your capacity to respond to potential road hazards. Some of these systems come as standard equipment in certain cars.

However, aftermarket parts or even complete designs are also available for vehicle integration at a later time.

ADAS features include:

  1. Adaptive cruise control
  2. Pedestrian detection
  3. Collision mitigating braking
  4. Driver status monitoring
  5. Lane departure warning system
  6. Blind spot monitoring
  7. Forward collision alert, and more

Next Step: Ensure Your Safety While on the Road

As a driver, you must ensure the safety of yourself as well as your fellow motorists. Our roads are much safer when everyone does their part. And one of the most effective ways to do this is to ensure your vehicle is in adequate condition. So contact us today for your windshield replacement and ADAS calibration needs.