Where To Find Car And Truck Glass Replacement Services In Calgary

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Where To Find Car And Truck Glass Replacement Services In Calgary

We don’t often think about auto glass as being a critical component of our vehicle – often, we protect the engine as much as possible, avoid anything that would damage the tires, and pay close attention to anything faulty with the suspension system.

Auto glass sometimes takes a backseat (pun intended) to other important vehicle parts. That is, until our rear window is smashed in the middle of a cold winter day or when a side mirror is gone and impairs our view. When this happens, it can put your vehicle out of commission until the glass is fixed.

Whether you need a sunroof replacement or a back glass replacement, our team at 5 Star Auto Glass shop in Calgary has you covered. We repair and replace glass on most car and truck makes and models. Check out our auto glass services below.

  • Windshield Replacement If the damage on your windshield is extensive, it will need a full windshield replacement. Typically, if the dent is larger than a loonie, the crack is longer than a dollar bill, or there are multiple cracks on the windshield, it cannot be repaired. The windshield is a key safety feature of your car and any damage reduces this structural integrity. At 5 Star Auto Glass, we offer full windshield repair and replacement services.


  • Car Side Window Replacement Whether it’s the front driver or passenger or the back passenger windows that need replacing, we can complete the task for all vehicles. We’ll make sure the glass matches the tint (if any) of the other side windows and will clean up any glass debris if the window has been shattered.


  • Car Back Glass Replacement Car rear windows are tempered glass that shatters when broken. With a car back glass replacement, we will make sure that any heating or anti-fog features are working and that the back windshield wiper works properly as well.


  • Side Mirror Replacement The side view mirrors are a significant safety component and when either one is damaged, there is an increased risk of getting into a car accident or colliding with an object or person. When you’re missing a side mirror, it’s important to have it replaced as soon as possible and before you take your car back onto the highway.


  • Sunroof Glass Replacement Our expert auto glass technicians specialize in sunroof replacement and repairs. If your sunroof is damaged or you’re noticing other issues such as leaks, rattling while driving, or electrical issues, we can help.


  • RV Windshield Replacement The windshield on an RV is quite a large piece of glass and requires specialized tools to repair and replace. At 5 Star Auto Glass, we make sure your RV is not exposed to any rain, which is important when replacing the windshield. If your RV’s windshield has a small chip or crack, we can do a quick repair before you head out on the road.

When you have damaged auto glass, we understand that you may not want to risk driving to our auto glass repair shop. Take advantage of our local mobile service – we can come to you. Get an instant quote for your auto glass repair or replacement needs.