Car Side Window Replacement Services In Calgary

Broken left side window of a car - 5 Star Auto Glass

Car Side Window Replacement Services In Calgary

Did you know that having a cracked or shattered car side window can lead to a ticket? A damaged car side window is a serious safety issue and an easy invitation for potential car theft. For these reasons alone, car side window replacement should never be delayed. In Calgary, some of the most common reasons side windows become damaged are theft or attempted theft, vandalism, car accidents, fallen branches, and road debris (especially after the snow has melted and right before road cleanups).

Whatever the reason, be sure to schedule a car side window replacement service as soon as you see the damage. If your window has been shattered, you’re likely eager to get it fixed as driving with no side glass is dangerous, uncomfortable during cold or wet conditions, and increases your risk of theft.

What to expect with a car side window replacement

Replacing a car side window is not something that happens often (at least, we hope not!). You might be wondering how long the process takes and what to expect during the service. At 5 Star Auto Glass, our technicians will:

  • Carefully inspect the damage
  • Remove the door panel to access the glass
  • Insert a new side window and replace the door panel
  • Test the window to make sure it functions properly
  • Vacuum any glass and debris out of the vehicle

A car side window replacement in Calgary is straightforward, only taking 2 hours. You’d be back on the road safely in no time!

Is a car side window replacement an emergency?

A car side window replacement service could be considered an emergency if your window is shattered. It can be more of a concern if you don’t have a garage, if you’re in the frigid winter, and if you need your vehicle for daily commute. Most importantly, replacing a side window is an urgent matter because it compromises your and your passengers’ safety

Delaying the service can lead to:

  • A fine – Alberta’s road regulations state that anything that compromises driver visibility can lead to a ticket and a fine, an order to repair, or police may issue a notice to remove your vehicle from the road. Save yourself the additional cost of paying a fine by scheduling a car side window replacement as soon as possible.
  • A safety risk – Even a small crack on your car side window can become a hazard. During a collision, damaged auto glass can cause the window to shatter completely and leave you and your passengers vulnerable to sharp glass and road debris.
  • Auto theft – As mentioned above, a cracked side window is much easier to break into and a shattered window altogether is an open invitation for car thieves. The issue becomes especially urgent if you park on the street or in a shared parking garage.

The good news is that car side window replacement in Calgary is available and the service is straightforward. Contact 5 Star Auto Glass to schedule an appointment and we’ll happy to help you.