Is replacing the windshield a good idea for older vehicles?

Is replacing windshields for older vehicles worth it

Is replacing the windshield a good idea for older vehicles?

When should you change the windshield on your vehicle? What things should you consider when you change it? Old car windshield replacement has many benefits for your safety, driving enjoyment, and a new windshield can make a car look many years newer.

Replacing windshields for older vehicles
Replacing windshields for older vehicles

There are many things to look at when you want to switch out your windshield. While a replacement windshield could cost anything from $150 to $450, there’s a good chance that your car insurance will cover the fee. We will cover more about that later…

Getting your windshield replaced is much more convenient than you would think. You can even have your windshield replaced while you remain in the comfort of your home. Many of the windshield replacement companies have a mobile service that can come to your home if you live in their area of service, you just need to make sure that the weather is good and you have room on the road or even better your driveway.

If you have a crack or chip in your windshield that needs repair, or the side or rear window of your car is damaged, you’ll probably have to bring that into the auto glass company’s shop as a simple repair doesn’t make sense for them to come to you for.

How does a windshield affect my safety when driving?

Not many people would think to change their windshield for safety reasons, but there are so many to consider if your windshield is starting to age, even legal ones.

  • If the vehicle is flipped over, damaged windshields are more likely, which can be life-threatening and injure the occupants. A strong windscreen prevents a roof from collapsing and falling on the passengers in the event of a rollover. Rollovers can seriously injure drivers and occupants. Depending on the severity of the collision, there is always the possibility that the occupants will be thrown out of the vehicle by the impact. Consider airbags, seat belts, and windshields to protect you in a similar situation. Just as seat belts prevent whiplash, the windshield acts as a physical barrier to keep occupants in the vehicle.
  • A strong windshield acts as a physical barrier that works in conjunction with other vehicle components such as the steering wheel, steering column, brakes, and other parts.
  • When driving in the bright sunshine, it is already hard to see. When you have many little tiny pits or faint scratches on the windshield from all the rock chips and wiping with iced wipers, it can cause a glare from the sun, making it even harder to see the road while driving.

Is the cost of my windshield covered by my insurance provider?

Some windshields, depending on insurance, can be switched out for the cost of your deductible. If your windshield damage is causing a safety issue, your insurance provider may be able to cover your windshield repair.

  • Sometimes the deductible is not worth paying, and paying out of pocket might be the most advantageous way to go. This can depend on the age of the vehicle as well as how common the vehicle is.
  • For example, I changed out two windshields in two vehicles that were both ten years old. Both vehicles are very common, and there were many 3rd party windshields available for each make and model. My windshields were both insurable by my insurance provider. My deductible was $500, and I paid a couple hundred less than that for each windshield. In this case, it made more sense and was much more economical to pay out of pocket. Old car windshield restoration goes far beyond vehicles that are ten years old, and many people may need to update the windshield on classic cars that they are maintaining. Much older cars are also covered for insurance of windshield replacements.
  • Your deductible varies depending on who you have as your insurance provider. Still, the most common deductible is $500 for a windshield replacement, but even if you have a deductible, you save money by replacing the windshield. If you consider the price of a windshield replacement below $200, it may be better to simply fix it.

With everything to consider, a healthy windshield on your vehicle can make a significant difference in creating your safe and enjoyable driving experience.