Windshield Replacement: Is It a Good Idea for Older Vehicles?

Windshield Replacement for Older Vehicles - 5 Star Auto Glass

Windshield Replacement: Is It a Good Idea for Older Vehicles?

When should you change the windshield on your vehicle? What things should you consider when you change it? Old car windshield replacements have many benefits for your safety and driving enjoyment. Moreover, a new windshield can give your car a fresh look, making it appear many years younger. While a windshield replacement can cost anywhere from $150 to $450, your car insurance will probably cover the fee.

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If you have a crack or chip in your windshield, side, or rear window, 5 Start Auto Glass can help. We house a team of expert technicians ready to meet your windshield replacement needs. Keep reading to learn more.

How Does a Windshield Affect my Safety When Driving?

Few people would think to change their windshield for safety reasons. But that’s one of the primary reasons you should change an aging windshield. These safety factors include:

  • Vehicle rollover protection: A damaged windshield is more likely to shatter from impact if your vehicle rolls over. This scenario can cause severe injuries and even death. A strong windshield prevents a roof from collapsing on passengers during a rollover. Also, occupants may be thrown from the vehicle upon impact, depending on the collision’s severity. As a result, airbags, seat belts, and windshields are your last line of defence in such a situation. Just as seat belts prevent whiplash, the windshield acts as a physical barrier to keep occupants in the vehicle.
  • Physical barrier: A strong windshield acts as a physical barrier. This concept works with other vehicle components, such as the steering wheel, steering column, brakes, etc.
  • Visibility: When driving in the sunshine, it can be difficult to see. If you have tiny pits or faint scratches on your windshield from rock chips and iced windshield wipers, it can amplify the sun’s glare. As such, road visibility can become compromised.

Does My Insurance Provider Cover the Windshield Replacement Cost?

Depending on your insurance policy, some windshields can be switched out for the cost of your deductible. If your windshield damage is causing a safety issue, your insurance provider may cover your windshield repair.

However, sometimes the deductible is not worth paying. And if that’s the case, paying out of pocket might be the most advantageous option. It depends on the vehicle’s age and popularity.


Replacing windshields for older vehicles - 5 Star Auto Glass

When Should You Pay Out of Pocket?

As an example, a car owner changed out two windshields in two vehicles that were both ten years old. Both cars are very common, and many third-party windshields were available for each make and model. Both windshields were insurable by the insurance provider and the deductible was $500, but the car owner paid a couple hundred less than that for each windshield.

In this circumstance, paying out of pocket made more sense and was much more economical.

Should You Fix Your Windshield on an Older Car?

Old car windshield restoration goes far beyond vehicles that are ten years old. Additionally, many people may need to update the windshield on classic cars they are maintaining. Much older cars are also covered by insurance for windshield replacements.

When car owners are considering whether fixing a windshield on an older car is worth it, it’s typically because the vehicle is close to the end of its life or the owner is planning to purchase a new vehicle soon. If your windshield is damaged and you plan to use the vehicle for even another month, the safety is always ‘worth’ the fix.

With everything to consider, a healthy windshield on your vehicle can make a significant difference in creating a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

5 Star Auto Glass is Here for Your Windshield Replacement Needs

Your windshield is your car’s safety net; it’s a buffer between you and the perils of the road. For this reason, you must maintain it as best you can. Here at 5 Star Auto Glass, our team of expert technicians can repair chipped, cracked, or damaged windshields. So contact us today for your windshield replacement needs.