Does Insurance Cover RV Windshield Replacement?

RV Windshield Replacement

Does Insurance Cover RV Windshield Replacement?

Since your RV’s windshield takes the brunt of rocks and other flying debris, this glass is uniquely designed to withstand harsh elements while keeping the driver and other passengers safe.

Windshields for RVs are considered “specialty items” and for this reason, RV windshield replacement may not be covered by your insurance. When scheduling an RV windshield repair or replacement, be sure to check with your insurance provider what your full coverage insurance includes.

Professional auto glass companies such as 5-Star Auto Glass will give you a free quote on your RV windshield services. When you come in for RV windshield repair or replacement, 5-Starr Auto Glass will service you with or without insurance coverage. 5-Star Auto Glass is recognized by all insurance companies, allowing us to conveniently invoice your insurance provider directly.

While you’re out on the road with your RV this season, here are some tips that will help keep your RV windshield in top condition.

Schedule an RV windshield repair service as soon as possible

When an RV windshield is chipped, the goal is to get it repaired as quickly as possible to prevent it from spreading. A small chip can be fixed for as little as $30 and you will avoid a more costly RV windshield replacement. If you are unable to get to a professional auto glass technician, 5-Star Auto Glass will come to you.

While waiting for your appointment or for a mobile service, aim to keep your RV parked in the shade or use a windshield cover. Temperature fluctuations can have an impact on the spread of the damage.

Look for previous windshield damage on RVs

If you are on the market for an RV, watch for even the smallest of rock chips. These tiny damages can spread and become a problem over time. Before purchasing any used or new RV, insist on a repair if you notice windshield damage.

Use a windshield cover

Not only are RV windshield covers great for cooling the temperature inside during hot summer days, but they can also help protect your windshield in the event of unpredictable hail storms or flying debris. RV windshield covers are available in snaps, magnets, or tie downs and are easy to use.

Always go with a trusted auto glass company

A poorly installed RV windshield replacement poses a significant safety hazard for you and your passengers. It’s important to do your research and always go with a professional and experienced auto glass company who will do it right the first time.

Ready to hit the road with your RV this summer? Call 5-Star Auto Glass for quick and convenient RV windshield repair and replacement services.