Here’s What Can Happen If You Postpone Vehicle Windshield Replacement

Broken windshield of a car

Here’s What Can Happen If You Postpone Vehicle Windshield Replacement

Getting a windshield replaced is not usually at the top of anyone’s list of tasks they’re eager to do. After all, it’s usually an unexpected expense and time out of your day. But did you know that postponing this service can lead to serious issues that can be even more costly to repair?

If you think about your windshield as one of the most important safety features of your vehicle, you can see how windshield repair and replacement should be treated as an urgent matter if the glass has been damaged. Even the smallest crack that does not seem like a big deal can quickly become problematic. The good news is, mobile auto window replacement in Calgary is available and makes this task on your to-do list that much easier and convenient to complete.

So if you’ve been procrastinating on this for awhile, here are 3 things that can happen to your windshield if you wait any longer. The following might just convince you to get your windshield replaced as soon as possible!

1. A damaged windshield compromises your safety on the road

First and foremost, safety on the road takes top priority. A vehicle’s windshield is not simply a piece of glass, it’s an integral component of the car’s structure that prevents the roof from getting crushed during an accident. The safety of the entire vehicle is compromised when there’s a crack in the windshield, especially if the damage extends to the edges of the windshield. Any damage, including small chips and dents, weakens the windshield’s integrity.

If you get into a car accident – even a minor one – there is a greater risk that your windshield will shatter from the impact. A shattered windshield and a crumpled roof are a hazard and can cause injury to you and your passengers. Safety is the number 1 reason we always recommend getting your windshield replaced if it’s beyond repair.

2. The damage can quickly spread

Temperature changes cause the layers of the windshield glass to contract and expand, which is not a problem on a windshield that’s not damaged. However, because a cracked windshield is weaker, the contraction creates pressure and causes the damage to spread.

This issue becomes prevalent as we head into the winters month in Calgary. What may have been one small crack on the bottom of your windshield, you’ll wake up to find the damage has spread significantly after a cold winter’s night. If the damage impacts your line of sight and it becomes dangerous to drive, mobile windshield replacement is available to meet you at your home, work, or other location.

3. You may end up paying more

Some damages may be repairable and may not need a full replacement of your windshield, but the only way to truly find out is by visiting an auto glass repair shop in Calgary and having a technician take a look. If the damage is small enough, you may only need a repair. The longer you wait, the more the damage spreads until it eventually requires a more costly replacement.