How to Tell if Your Windshield Rain Sensors Need to Be Repaired

Windshield Rain Sensors Need to Be Repaired

How to Tell if Your Windshield Rain Sensors Need to Be Repaired

Often, modern vehicles include rain sensors in the windshield. These sensors detect moisture when your vehicle is in motion, automatically triggering your windshield wipers to come on and clear your field of vision. While this feature is extremely useful—especially when it comes to minimizing driving distractions—it can malfunction.

Rest assured, 5 Star Auto Glass, with its expertise in windshield repair in Calgary, is here to help. We offer services for all your windshield needs, including repair for malfunctioning rain sensors. Here’s how to tell if it’s time to let our experts take a look.

Windshield Wipers Aren’t Turning on in the Rain

If you have rain sensors embedded in your windshield, your wipers should automatically start when it rains. If they aren’t triggering on rainy days, your sensor may be malfunctioning.

Before scheduling windshield repairs, thoroughly clean your windshield to remove any dirt, dust, or debris and test the sensors. If they’re still not working after the windshield has been cleaned, it’s best to schedule an appointment to have your sensors checked.

Windshield Wipers Turn on in Dry Weather

If your windshield wipers turn on at random intervals, regardless of the weather, you may have faulty sensors. This can create a distraction while driving and endanger your safety and the safety of your passengers, so it’s important to have your sensors checked as soon as such an issue is detected.

Your Windshield Wipers Don’t Work at All

If you can’t even manually turn your windshield wipers on, it may indicate an issue with your windshield’s rain sensors. This could be because of issues with the wiring, so it’s important to have it checked as quickly as possible.

Expert Windshield Repair in Calgary

Your windshield’s rain sensors are a vital part of your vehicle’s overall performance and if they aren’t working correctly, it’s important to have them repaired as quickly as possible. Signs they aren’t working properly include wipers that don’t turn on when the windshield is wet, as well as wipers that turn on intermittently when they aren’t supposed to.

For expert windshield repairs and windshield replacement in Calgary, look no further than 5 Star Auto Glass. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.