How Windshield Replacement Works When You Have an Advanced Driver Assistance System

Windshield Replacement in Calgary

How Windshield Replacement Works When You Have an Advanced Driver Assistance System

In modern vehicles, windshields have evolved beyond their traditional role. They now house sophisticated technology like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which are instrumental in enhancing the vehicle’s safety systems and features. These include hill descent control, built-in navigation, lane departure warnings, and parking sensors. ADAS technology, a fusion of cameras, radar, sensors, and computer imaging, empowers you to be a more vigilant and safer driver.

While these tools may be located anywhere in your vehicle, it’s not uncommon for sensors, visual displays, and other technology to be incorporated into your windshield, making windshield replacement a bit more challenging.

Windshield Replacement with an ADAS

When your vehicle is equipped with an ADAS, your windshield is more than just a sheet of glass. It’s a complex system that includes sensors intricately linked to your vehicle’s safety mechanisms. If these sensors aren’t precisely reinstalled after windshield replacement, your entire system could be disrupted, posing a potential risk to your safety while driving.

Calibrating Your ADAS

When 5 Star Auto Glass provides you with windshield replacement service, a large part of our role is to ensure that your ADAS is calibrated before you drive away. The process to do this can change from vehicle to vehicle. It could be as simple as resetting your vehicle’s system or as complicated as taking precise measurements to ensure the proper placement of your sensors.

The calibration of your ADAS is vital. Failure to properly calibrate the ADAS after windshield replacement could result in a variety of issues, including issues with your vehicle’s steering pull and steering wheel vibrations.

Professional Windshield Replacement with ADAS Calibration

The ADAS in your vehicle is vital to ensuring the safety of you and your passengers. Often, your windshield houses components of the ADAS, such as sensors and lasers that help detect surrounding traffic and hazards. Because of this, it’s important to hire a professional who understands ADAS and how to calibrate it to handle your vehicle’s windshield replacements.

At 5 Star Auto Glass, our technicians are experts in ADAS calibration and windshield replacement. Contact us today to schedule an appointment onsite or with our mobile windshield replacement team.