Quality RV Windshield Replacement Services In Calgary

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Quality RV Windshield Replacement Services In Calgary

Seeing damage on your windshield is a dreadful feeling, whether it’s hearing that telltale crack when debris flies into the glass or you’ve noticed a dent as you’re driving. When a windshield is beyond repair, a replacement is non-negotiable and should never be delayed. Your RV’s windshield is an integral safety feature and a replacement is necessary to keep you and others safe on the road.

Here’s what you need to know about professional windshield replacement services in Calgary.

  • Not all auto glass shops offer RV windshield services – The process of RV windshield replacement is different than replacing the windshield on a vehicle. It requires tools, additional training, and the auto glass shop must have the capacity to house a large motorhome.
  • Some auto glass technicians come to you – With that said, however, auto glass technicians who are trained and certified in RV windshield replacement can come to you and complete the service at your home. This can be done as long as the weather conditions are good as the motorhome cannot be exposed to rain during the process.
  • Your windshield might be repairable – An honest auto glass company won’t try to sell you a service that you don’t need. If the damage is repairable, they will recommend a repair instead of a full-on replacement. However, many RV owners choose to go ahead with the replacement to avoid complications. The technician will assess the extent and location of the damage as even the tiniest chip or crack can spread and compromise the safety of the entire glass. If the damage is within your line of sight, a replacement is recommended.

Tips to protect your RV windshield in the winter

While some Calgary residents store their RV during the winter months and use it mainly for summer adventures, others are snowbirds and bring their motorhome out to travel south. However and whenever you use your RV, there are important things you can do to protect the windshield during our frigid Canadian winters.

  • Use a quality snow cover – It’s worth investing in a quality snow cover, even if you’re storing your RV indoors. A quality snow cover will help prevent the windshield from freezing during cold snaps and protect the glass from dust and other debris.
  • Never pour hot water on your windshield – If you’ve ever seen viral online videos of people pouring hot water on their windshield to defrost it quickly, we advise you – never do this. While it’s tempting to do because hot water instantly defrosts the windshield, the extreme temperature change can damage the glass. It’s not worth a potentially costly windshield replacement.
  • Set your defroster to low heat – It sounds counterintuitive to set your defroster to low heat instead of high heat to melt the ice on your windshield quicker. However, with the same reasoning as the above point, the quick temperature change increases your risk of damaging the windshield.
  • Use the right windshield washer fluid – If you’re using your windshield during the colder months, it’s important to use the right cold-weather windshield washer fluid. Cold-weather washer fluid includes methyl alcohol for protection, won’t freeze, and has added cleaning abilities.