Why Has The Cost Of Windshield Replacement Skyrocketed In New Model Cars?

Reasons Why Windshield Replacement Is High For New Model Cars

Why Has The Cost Of Windshield Replacement Skyrocketed In New Model Cars?

With the improved technology and design of new model cars comes the need for innovative approaches for auto repair and maintenance services, including auto windshield replacement. What once was a $200 replacement on a 2008 SUV is now costing car owners an average of $700 for newer models.

The question is – why the significant price difference? In this article, we address this question and go into detail about the increase in the cost of windshield replacement.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Modern vehicles are equipped with features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, blind-spot warning, and a surround-view camera. These features depend on cameras that must be calibrated when a windshield is replaced. If they are not properly calibrated, the Advanced Drive Assistance safety systems will not work.

For this reason, auto glass repair and replacement companies need to utilize updated and state-of-the-art equipment to properly calibrate the camera. This leads to a higher cost for windshield replacement.

Rain Sensing Wipers

Along with modern safety features, some vehicles have rain-sensing wipers built into the glass. This innovation is quite expensive to build and calibrate, which again results in higher auto glass replacement costs.

Glass Materials Cost More

The automotive glass industry continues to improve the design, function, and innovation of auto glass for added safety. The making of auto glass requires raw materials such as limestone and sad that are increasing in cost to mine and refine. As a result, the costs trickle down to the consumer – another reason for the increase in prices for auto glass replacement.

Key Takeaways

Your vehicle’s windshield is a critical safety feature that plays a key role in the structural integrity of your car. Given the importance of auto glass, repair or replacement of a damaged windshield should be a top priority.

While auto glass replacement costs have increased, the cost to repair auto glass remains relatively the same. Repairing your windshield the moment you see a rock chip or crack can help you avoid a more costly replacement.