Ways to care for a newly replaced windshield

Ways to care for a newly replaced windshield - 5 Star Auto Glass Calgary

Ways to care for a newly replaced windshield

With the number of miles an RV normally sees, it’s no wonder the windshield wears out. You will likely need a repair or a replacement sometime over the vehicle’s lifespan – just know that after you get your RV windshield replaced or repaired, it is important to wait until the next day before driving. It might be tempting to hit the road immediately after installation, but this will risk a collision that could damage it further. There are some steps you need to take to ensure you are caring for your windshield just after replacement. Here are some great ways for you to properly care for your RV windshield repair.

Check for anything that might get close to the windshield

It is best to keep all materials away from the new windshield as much as possible because even dust particles left near them can cause problems down there especially if they contain chemicals. When you first get in your car, be careful to look for shards of glass that may be left over from the old windshield.

Look for anything leftover from the replacement job

Technicians try their best to ensure that all excess pieces are removed, but it’s possible some might still remain inside or near the door where they were installed into a new frame and did not see to clean it up afterward.

Wait for your windshield to set and dry

After this task is complete, we recommend waiting one hour before driving so adhesive can set and dry properly which will create a strong waterproof seal around the replacement windowpane as well as prevent any leaks throughout its lifetime. The first two days after your windshield replacement, there are a few important precautions to take:

  • Leave large objects at home
  • Keep pets and small children away from the windshield
  • Don’t wash or clean your car

The area inside and outside of the car should be clear for 24 hours after installation

While this is drying, do not:

  • Place any type of cover on it or around it to avoid smudging up its surface
  • Have anything near your windshield that could get in contact with water while you are applying new sealant
  • Put a sunshade because that will cause more damage and could affect the process
  • Store anything on the dashboard

A new window installation can be a great addition to your RV, but you need to keep an eye on it and maintain the perfect conditions for its first few days. The pressure of the air pushing against anything closed off will cause issues if not properly dealt with in hot weather when everything is more likely to expand or ,contract.

Last but not least…

The windshield moldings are held by a retention tape to ensure that the seal between it and the glass does not get ruined from exposure. Although you may think this makes for an unattractive look, leave this adhesive on your car’s new windshield at least two days after installation because removing it prematurely can damage both surfaces of your newly installed window.

The new windshield is fragile and shouldn’t be exposed to high-pressure car washes, automatic car washes, or the use of power washers. If you want your ride sparkling clean in those first few days post replacement but don’t have time for a hand wash, opt instead for some gentle rainwater with biodegradable soap.