Where To Find Sunroof Glass Replacement Services In Calgary

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Where To Find Sunroof Glass Replacement Services In Calgary

You feel the warm breeze through a slightly opened sunroof during a summer drive, can lay back and watch the stars on a cloudless night, and enjoy the extra burst of natural light through the glass…

Sunroofs can prove to be an enjoyable feature for many car owners, but – like any auto glass – they are vulnerable to damage and issues. Whether your sunroof is leaking, won’t open or close, or the glass is damaged, it can become a big inconvenience and safety issue. This article provides more information about sunroof glass replacement services in Calgary and where to find auto glass technicians that specialize in sunroof glass services.

Common sunroof problems

Unlike other auto glass components, the sunroof rests in an enclosed unit that houses the tracking, mounting, and drain tray for the sunroof system. For this reason, sunroof issues go beyond a cracked or shattered auto glass.

Some common sunroof problems include:

Leaks – If you notice water in your car or the roof of your car is wet, it could be due to a sunroof leak. A leak can be caused by a broken seal or a clogged drain tube.

The sunroof does not open or close – If your automatic sunroof is malfunctioning, it could be due to a broken motor, exposed electrical wires, a damaged fuse, or the gears have seized up. If there is damage to the cable or track, which is responsible for pulling the sunroof open and closed, a total sunroof replacement is needed.

Damaged glass – A cracked or shattered sunroof glass is a safety hazard. Any damaged glass will need a sunroof glass replacement as soon as possible.

The different types of sunroofs

Most modern vehicles have automatic sunroofs that operate with a built-in motor but some are manually operated. Sunroofs come in different types, including:

  • Pop-Up – A sunroof that has a tilting panel and can be opened manually.
  • Inbuilt – The glass slides back between the roof and interior headliner.
  • Top-Mount Sliding – Uses exterior rails to slide open.
  • Spoiler – Tilts the window pane up and slides it outside of the car opening.
  • Panoramic – A fixed or sliding multi-panel sunroof that covers the front and rear seats.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about the type of sunroof you have – a professional auto glass technician can easily look this up based on the make and model of your vehicle and service your sunroof accordingly.

Where to find sunroof glass replacement in Calgary

5 Star Auto Glass specializes in sunroof replacements and repairs. We have a team of auto glass professionals that are trained and certified to fix any type of sunroof. We offer both used parts to save you money and new sunroof glass upon request. If you need expert, quality sunroof glass replacement and services, contact us to schedule an appointment.