Why You Need To Replace A Broken Side Mirror Immediately

Car with broken side mirror

Why You Need To Replace A Broken Side Mirror Immediately

It can be easy to overlook how often we use our vehicle’s side mirror, especially when we think about the more prominent components like the gas pedal, engine, and steering wheel. However, you likely use your side mirrors more often than you think!

When backing away, you’re likely using a combination of the rearview mirror, a camera if your vehicle has one, and the side mirrors. When changing lanes, you rely on the side mirrors to safely make the switch. Before opening your door while parked on the street, you take a quick look at the side mirror to make sure no pedestrians or cyclists are heading towards your car.

There are many other instances where you may find yourself glancing over at the side mirrors, perhaps in traffic or on the highway. Our vehicle’s side mirrors are something that we use out of habit, often without even realizing it until they become damaged. When it comes to cracked or chipped auto glass, many car owners ignore it and put repairs off for a while, which can lead to more damage and safety issues.

Whether it’s a vehicle side mirror repair or a windshield replacement in Calgary, all auto glass is important and should never be neglected. This article focuses on what can potentially happen with a broken side mirror.

1. Damaged side mirrors are a safety risk

rEven if it’s a seemingly small crack or chip, your visibility is impaired with a broken side mirror. The crack can give you an incorrect view of vehicles and pedestrians, making them appear farther than they are or worse yet, eliminating them out of your field of vision altogether. Reduced visibility is a danger to you and others on the road, which is why side mirrors are such a critical safety component.

2. You may get ticketed

This is something that some drivers are unaware of – depending on where you live or how strict law enforcement is in your area, you can be pulled over for having damaged auto glass. As we detailed in the point above, having a broken side mirror, windshield, and other auto glass is a safety concern and should be dealt with immediately.

3. A damaged side mirror can shatter

A tiny crack on your side mirror may not seem like a big deal, but that small damage weakens the glass. The entire mirror can shatter when you go to close your door or upon impact during a collision. Further, temperature changes can make the glass contract and expand, causing the crack to spread.

To sum it up, a vehicle’s side mirror is crucial for safety and any damage needs to be repaired as soon as possible.