Will Insurance Cover Cracked Windshield Repair?

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Will Insurance Cover Cracked Windshield Repair?

Did a rock suddenly fly out of nowhere, creating a small hole in your windshield? Are you worried that the damage could get even worse? It won’t take long before that little chip or line spreads across your windshield, which could compromise safety.

But what are your options here? Most importantly, you don’t want to leave the chip alone and risk it spreading. But do you have windshield insurance to cover your replace your windshield?

Here’s what you need to know about cracked windshields and if your insurance will cover them.

Comprehensive Insurance

A windshield insurance add-on is an option commonly included in comprehensive insurance. It consists of the cost to repair or replace your damages, such as chipping and cracks from stones and other debris coming into contact with your windshield.

We suggest opting for this add-on with your insurance, as it can save you a ton of money in the long run when replacing your windshield!

Will Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement?

Auto glass repair and damaged windshields are usually not included in basic plans when replacing your windshields. You should reach out to your insurer to verify your specific coverage. Like any claim, you should report the incident before you replace your windshield.

Comprehensive coverage usually covers glass repair.

If it’s a larger crack and you have complete glass protection, you may not be required to pay the insurance deductible. Your provider may also offer an add-on called full glass coverage.

Will Insurance Cover Pitted Windshield?

Pitting is the natural ageing of a windshield. It’s caused by sand, dust, and other debris hitting on the surface of the windshield. Pitting causes small craters to form, distorting the driver’s vision.

A pitted windshield, caused when the windshield naturally ages, is considered wear and tear and will most likely not be covered under insurance. Speak with your insurance advisor to get clarification if windshield pitting would be included.

Your best option, and perhaps the only solution, is replacing your entire windshield.

Should I Repair my Windshield Using Insurance?

When it comes to replacing your windshield and deciding whether or not you should file, you would first need to assess the type of damage. Simple repair costs significantly less than a whole replacement.

Look at the pros and cons. If you can afford to pay for the repairs, it may make sense to do so and avoid the time and effort of filing. You’ll keep your record claims free. You may want to pay for the repairs out of pocket if you find no difference between your deductible and repairs.

When Should you Repair Your Windshield?

We recommend replacing your windshield as soon as possible and avoiding delaying any repair. Cracked windshields are a safety hazard as they can impact your road visibility. Consider the pros and cons when deciding whether or not the damage is worth claiming with your insurance.

Here at 5 Star Auto Glass, we only charge $25 for rock chip repairs and $50 and up for crack repairs. With a convenient walk-in service and no appointment necessary.

We provide the highest quality service and ensure that rock chips and cracks are repaired to the best of our ability ensuring your 100% satisfaction!